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Meat Liquor – a review

Meat Easy has gained cult status for its burgers and pop-up van but this was brought mainstream, to some peoples horror I imagine, by an appearance on Jamie Oliver’s around Britain show a few weeks ago.

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RIP Rosie

It may seem insensitive to blog about someones passing but i think and hope her family will take this in the spirit that it is intended.

Today, September 12 2011, Rosie Kilburn sadly passed away. I didn’t know Rosie personally although given the age and our tendency to communicate online, I guess reading each other’s blogs and tweeting does count as knowing someone.

Rosie battled cancer for a number of years and by battled, I mean tooth and nail. So many times I read her blog and I was convinced that she was going to win. The people who read her blog shared her ups and downs and optimism was rife. It just seemed too cruel that she would be taken.

During her final years she raised so much money for cancer charities and hospices through her website and her families and friends fundraising efforts. She was the personification of inspiration and she made sure that her legacy was hope for others.

Her family wrote a bog post today entitled, ‘the post we never wanted to write’. For the many that read her blog, it was the post we didn’t want to read.

Rosie’s life was lived and I think that is a hue compliment to her. It is too easy to say it is a wakeup call for people to actually live their lives, instead look at it like this, a young woman lived her life, she loved her life and she loved others whilst doing good things for society. How many of you can say that reflects your own?

My thoughts are with Rosie’s family, boyfriend and friends but I hope they are taking solace in the fact that she helped and inspired so many.

Please take a minute to look at Rosie’s website: http://www.theknockoneffect.co.uk

RIP Rosie